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A story now has breached beginning,
Dawning ere a rightful ending.
Love reduced to devastation;
A stopping place, my destination.

Seeing neither halting the demise;
Draping abstract shroud upon my eyes.
Heeding not precise advice;
Blindly thinking they had lied!

Could this be the consequence?
What will let me regulate?
Maybe this is preference
Manifested by my helpless state.

Stories never last forever;
Blessings come and go like weather.
In this state of contradiction
My heart is rent by this decision:

Traverse the gap; reveal the gate,
Or dwell on things I cannot change.
The road is paved, but here's a split
I fear will lead into a pit

Now the sign clearly I can read:
"Travel back around or go where you need.
Moving on might make you bleed
But looping wounds internally!"

The definition is made again.
I wrote this last night/early this morning in a sudden urge of inspiration, or something like that. I recently had a.. situation with a certan girl who I loved very much, and now I am at a crossroads... or perhaps just past the decision making point. This poem reveals how I felt the first couple of days after I found out what happened.

For now it has what could potentially be a verse and chorus, but I doubt if I will ever add a second or third verse to accompany it. The mood isn't here anymore, so it wouldn't be the same.
jennprower Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2004  Student
I have already read this... but something made me come back to read it again.... Not sure what it was.... But i can most definatly relate....... i felt this way last september.

beautiful work ryan
marfon Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2004
Nice :)
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August 26, 2004
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