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When given a choice between a trip for 4 to Disney World and 4 hours at the dentist for a root canal, let me just go on record as giving my advice. Choose Disney World, because you'll spend about the same amount of money. Oh, and ideally, it will hurt less if you go to the theme park rather than HAVING YOUR SKULL DRILLED INTO. I just needed to let that out. It was quite painful.

I downloaded the trial of Adobe Photoshop CS5 about a month ago. Impressed. Nice. Wish I could buy the full version right now, except for the fact that I spent all my money at the dentist yesterday. Oh well, someday, perhaps. I did get to make a few banners that I had wanted to do for a while, so that's good. Maybe I can find a way to get an educational discount or something. What are some ways to get Photoshop legally without having to pay for it? Or even for like $100? That would be great. That would be really great.

And while you're at it, I could use a new digital camera, too. I need to make some money...
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I've been busy! And that's a good thing. My latest project has been six months in the making -- not because it took six months to produce, but largely because I had a major setback when my MACBOOK was stolen. Yeah, someone broke into my house to do a little "discount Christmas shopping" last December. Unfortunately, for my artwork's sake, most of my current works were on that computer. Well, fortunately I had a near-draft file saved elsewhere, and was able to rebound from there. Once I have the text all finalized, I will be able to upload a version to devaintArt, and elsewhere. Yay. Then on to cover design, which could be quite a process as well, but I would like to get back into digital art (visual) at least a little bit, so here's my springboard opportunity.
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Close to three (3) years ago, I wrote an entry entitled "Life continues with or without me..." That seems to be true, but now it also seems that life continues with me this time. Glad to be a part of it. Book(let) to write, graphic designs to create, web dev school to enroll in and attend. We shall see what comes around the corner.
  • Reading: In a Pit With a Lion On a Snowy Day
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So much around me. Leaves falling. Colors appearing everywhere. Somehow if I could capture them, say... digitally? Maybe I need to buy a new camera. The flash burned out on my old one and it was only 2.0 megapixels anyhow -- which was something to be had in its day!
  • Drinking: Folgers...
Or, I suppose you physically are capable of eating such plants, but I can compose some better ideas. Oh, and you can't upload real estate either. Only pictures of it. I'm trying to decide the best method to artistically display my latest art project: remodeling my house. Pictures are on flickr, but I need to snap a few fancy photos and put them on here. I don't know if they will be raw or doctored up, but when they are here both you and I will know, now won't we?
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Attention, photo editing programs:
  Please array yourselves in tables showing comparisons and contrasts including prices, features, etc. Actually, as it would be the search continues for a photoshop-like program for Mac. I don't really want to pay for CS3, but Elements doesn't do layers (or so I've been told). I checked out one called Pixelmator, and it's pretty much like an older Photoshop. The pricing is decent, I think, but it didn't seem to be completely stable. I don't want to pay for a crashing program... which makes me wonder why I used Window$ for so long.

Well, it's back to work, and on things besides art-work. That will have to happen later.
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Feel free to send me money to help buy a new copy of Photoshop CSI... or CS3... or whatever it is.

Isn't life interesting? Just when things seem to calm down, something else happens to let you know you're still living. Anyways, keeping busy as usual, unfortunately so busy that I haven't added any deviations or caused any stir for people to come view my page. Hopefully I'll get to artefying (okay, that's not a word, but you know what I mean, right?) before too long. If I don't then nobody will even read this journal entry. Well, that's all for now then.
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Lots of things happened, are happening, and are yet to happen. Just in case you didn't know.

I'm in Oklahoma (living) and I just got a MacBook. I can feel the devious nature returning to my veins... However, the Spirit of God keeps me in line... Anyways have a nice day.
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Well, it's that time. Kids moving out of the house... wait a second. I'm the kid. I'm the one moving out. A new adventure awaits me as I've moved back (sorta) from Missouri, and now head to Oklahoma. Maybe I'll have more time for deviousness since I'll have my own laptop to abuse whenever I get spare time. Until that time, however, I'll be lying a little low.
Just a quick update here, for anyone who stops by. I went to the dentist the othe  day, and found out that there's a 90% chance I will have to get a root canal. I don't have dental insurance, so funds will be very tight for a while. This also means that I'm switching to sugar-free energy drinks. Also about the financial thing, if you pray, please do pray for me (preferrably to God) and/or send me money. I would appreciate both.
Well, life is still going on, as surprising as that is. It seems as though the whole world is coming together in so many ways. Ironically, I'm still single and don't even have anyone in mind to change that condition with, but I'm satisfied where I am. Also, I'd like everyone to know that I haven't had a drop of coffee or any coffee products since February. Next is lowering the caffeine intake altogether. This is hard.
Just to let everyone know, I am alive. So all of the many, many people who faithfully visit this place can rest now. I work at a Christian boarding school in Missouri, the same school which changed my life a few years ago. I am actually a preacher now. I haven't  had much time to do anything recreational except on my day off. Now I have an iPAQ and internet access. I'm trying to get my e-mail accounts set back up, so if you want to give me a holler, I'll try to get back to you. If you have any questions, especially about God and the Bible, I'd be happy to answer them to the best f my ability. That's all for now.
I'm sorry but I'm just thinking of the right words to say.
I know they don't sound the way I planned them to be.
But If you wait around a while, I bet you'll fall for me.
I promise you. I promise you I will.

Thank you, Depeche Mode. Thank you, Thursday. Thank you, Incubus, Weezer. Thank you Dashboard, No Doubt, The Ataris, Dave Matthews, and all the other bans who not only will not ever see or read this, but that I cannot think of. Thank you personally, Brandon Boyd, Gwen Stefani, and Jennifer Maine for making my life more rich, more interesting, and spicier. Jenn, you know how i felt... I'm not sure how i now feel, but you can probably understand that just as much as I can; you always did.

It's now time for me to go back
To the place whence I came.
I don't know if I'll keep in touch,
But at least I will know
That the world is safe
And life is not in vain.
What do you make of your days?
My life was turned upside down, and just as I got used to being that way, something new happened and I don't know which direction I am facing. I have two options in re-orienting myself, as partially expressed from my last deviation (The Definition is Made Again). One way involves me thinking about the way things should have been, and ends in depression to some degree, the other begins with the thought of abandoning former attachments that still have strings attached. Anyone who has been in love and is nolonger with that love knows of what I speak. You know there's a reason, but its hard to think; your mind almost goes into an infinite loop.

This will probably be my last journal entry again for a while. I talked to the manager at "my" Starbucks, and she is going to put some of my artwork (much of which is not on DeviantArt) in the store. I do not intend to make money, I just want it to be there for a couple of reasons, but nonetheless I get to have my art in public, which excites me.

The next time I update could likely invovle much poetry, for where I go there isn't much to do but think. Maybe I'll draw some things and scan them or something.
Well... this will be brief, especially since nobody views my page anymore.

I got sent to a boarding school last October, so that's why I haven't been in... society i guess for a while. I am back for 2 weeks and then I'm goign back to be on staff at the school for probably about a year. I'd go into detail as to why I got sent and why I will go back, but I don't have the time, so if I don't know you, good luck finding out.

I might have some submission in this period of time, but probably not :/
Electrical tape is quite versatile. It works in ways that duct tape seems not to (Although I'm sure it does, it just hides that fact). I made a cell phone holder out of it the other day. Pretty nifty, and protectively thick.

I shall watch an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation now.
I was thinking last night, why do we devote all our time and money on being entertained? What is so intriguing about things we like that make us go out of our way to experience them?!

I have an idea..but most people might not accept it. It has something to do with the nerve impulses in our human brains... more to come in the next entry.
Caffeine good. So is my website. You should go there.
The mood says I'm crying...because that's how I feel on the inside. I don't really cry much, nor have I lately....but things are just so... incredibly depressing, exciting, confusing, and some other word that doesn't exist yet all at the same time.

I think I had an anxiety attack yesterday. Not really too sure what happened, except that my heart was beating out of rhythm and the different chambers or whatever weren't going right. It was like needing a tune-up when your spark plugs are misfiring. The night before was incredibly hectic, involving YOU KNOW WHAT -- girls.

Luckily, I have the rest of my life to look foward to, as far away as it seems right now. On-- crap I went away for sec and lost my train of though. No clue what I was gonna write.

Well...peace out then.
I haven't been dealing with deviantART lately, and honestly because I just forgot about it. But I have been semper Fi by being devious elsewhere.

My current project is staying up 48 hours (and with no drugs for cheating, mind you...well maybe except for caffine. But I'm addicted to that so it doesn't count) and not being at parties or anything like that to keep me active. If I CAN, I'll do 72 hours, but we'll have to wait and see.

The problem is that I'll practically pass out just before dawn because from 4-5:30 am there isn't anything good on TV or the radio, so I'll just pop in some DVDs to keep me entertained this time. I did 26 hours the other day, then I fell on my parents' water bed and couldn't get up :(. I got a good night's rest last night so this should be easy tonight.