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If there was a theme for last year (2012), it would be "breathing underwater." That's a song by the Naked and Famous, and it's a good description of how I felt all year long. It started with an armed break-in to my truck, that turned into and armed robber pointing his gun at me before driving off. Yay I survived. That was New Year's Eve, before 2012 even started! I knew I was in for some rough times...

And they came. Not all bad, in fact a lot of good things happened, but by Thanksgiving I was ready for the whole year to be over. I was emotionally drained and physically it was like I had been breathing underwater for some time. Since then things have calmed down, but it's times like those that seem to bring out the art in me.

I'm creating again.
  • Listening to: Adventure Club
  • Watching: Sherlock Holmes
  • Playing: in a band
  • Eating: chocolate
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March 3, 2013


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